Седат Игдеджи(Sedat Igdedzhi)

Biography of Sedat igdedzhi

Автор: Седат Игдеджи

Sedat igdedzhi was born in Kayseri-Yahyali, Turkey.
-He invests in tourism and hotel business in Antalya and Alanya.
-Chief executive and President of the Bau Group Insoot Turizm A. S.
-General Director Ertur A. S.
-Works as a tour operator in Germany, Sweden, Austria.
-General Director and owner of Smyrna Touristik GmbH, Germany, Smyrna Reisen Steffisburg, Switzerland.
-Building investor and Director of the BSN Story, Kiev, Ukraine.
-In the Republic of Belarus he is engaged in investment activity, construction of houses, shopping centers, office buildings, tourism, hotel business, road service and gas stations.
Sedat igdedzhi is the eldest son in his family, who comes from a large Ottoman family «Mustanlar» — so they called by the inhabitants of Kayseri.
Bekir igdedzhi, Sedat’s  igdedzhi Father– respected man, the head of the family and the coach of Turkish people.